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ChrisLands Version 2 - Signup Only!

Fees are for Version 2! Read more here at It's a Big Deal AND Ready Set Go. We are currently transferring Version 1 stores to Version 2, as a result, your design may take longer than normal, as much as 8 weeks.

Version 2 Pre-Signup Special Pricing! 15% Off Monthly Fees AND 30% Off the One Setup Fee! At this time we are only accepting the one Setup Fee.


Up to 20,000 items


Up to 40,000 items


Up to 80,000 items


Up to 200,000 items


Stores with over 200,000 items, pay an additional $10.00 per each 20,000 item increment.

Setup Fee

Use a Default Theme
Modify colors, images,
and logos.
Not Accepting Yet
Semi Custom Theme.
Multiple page changes
from a current theme.
Not Accepting Yet
Full Custom.
Completely customized
site design.

Please Note: Later an opportunity will be provided, for those who would like, to pay an upgrade fee for one of the larger setup levels, allowing for a more customized site design.

* Monthly fee normally determined by number of items listed

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