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The Move and Email

The New Office

As some of you may recall, when I first acquired ChrisLands back, I was trying to move the office then. Now nearly fives months later that has occurred. Our New Address is:

ChrisLands Inc
195 University Park Drive, Ste 107
Edwardsville, IL 62025

We also have a new toll free phone number with a bonafide answering machine. Here it is:

(618) 692-5100

I personally recorded the message, so please don't laugh if you get the answering machine.

This is a great thing for us and something that was looming over our heads. Now it is almost done.

We are now located right on the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (SIUE) campus. The director of University Park wants ChrisLands here (for our entrepenurial spirit) and has already announced our move to several of the University's department heads. We intend to leverage the university's resources as much as possible and hope that, as time goes by, ChrisLands becomes a resource to the University in return.

There are other benefits as well. It is a few dollars less per month, only 10 minutes from my front door, and located close for everyone else. Even though we still have some sprucing up to do, we are all very happy to be at this new location and that the move is just about over.

If you have not noticed me much latetly, I have been knee deep in negotations with the old lease holder and the new lease holder, as well as the actual move. I still have some things to do but only a few days left and the entire move will be complete.

You may see the office (in its current state) in the images below. It is one big open area, which I like as it is more conducive to working and synergy between us all. Clicking the images will open larger images in a new browser/browser tab.

Some Office Pictures

  • ChrisLands' office building. Front Entrance
  • ChrisLands' Front View View from the Front
  • ChrisLands' Alternate Front View Another View
  • ChrisLands' Office Entrance Office Entrance
  • ChrisLands' Customer Support Right Side - Customer Support
  • ChrisLands' Development Left Side - Development
  • ChrisLands' Some Shelves to Fill Up Some Shelves to Fill Up
  • ChrisLands' Kitchen Our Small Kitchen

One Change

This is just a reminder, almost verbatum, of what I sent in the last newsletter about one change required when the new email system goes live.

Again, as I mentioned before, if all your email addresses simply forward to another email address (such as to gmail, hotmail, etc) or you use another email system entirely (godaddy, google, etc) you will not have to make any changes at all.

This only applies to those of you who currently POP emails from our servers using an email client (outlook, thunderbird, eudora, apple mail, windows mail, etc).

There is one issue that will require some of you to make a change.

This is important!

Do not change anything yet. Please read on.

If you now use an email client such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc, or an Internet based email system (hotmail, gmail, etc) to POP your emails from ChrisLands servers, you will have to change your username for your account.

Right now the email system requires that you specify your username with a percent sign (%) such as:


This will change to specifying your username with the At (@) sign, such as:


As an actual example, when we POP ChrisLands' email from the server our username for [email protected] is specified as When we switch, we will have to update our email clients to specify the username as [email protected] Basically the email address also becomes the username.

That is the only change you will have to make to keep operating as usual. Of course if you want to make other changes that are optional, that is up to you.

Again if you are currently popping emails from ChrisLands' servers, do not change your username for your email client yet. We will provide more details as we get closer to October 1st.

Call to Action

I recently was asked about changing the color of the Add to Cart link so it stands out more on the page. Sort of a call to action for a site visitor. I thought I would share what I did to accomplish this with everyone.

You can change the link in the store administration by:

Login -> Administration -> Advanced Features -> Layout Options ->
Search and Browse Page Options -> Edit Layout of Browse/Search Results Pages

Then enter the following in the Add to Cart Label entry:

<font color="#e16920">Add to Shopping Cart</font>

Notice the color code is #e16920. This is the Hex code for the color orange. You can use any Hex code you like. Please go to 500+ colors to find other colors.

You can see an example of this at Rare NonFiction

You can also change the color of the Checkout link on the shopping cart by adding similar code in the store administration by:

Login -> Administration -> Advanced Features -> Checkout Options ->
Option to change the Checkout Link on the Shopping Cart page.

You may also use an image for this link by adding an image in the Add Web Pages (top menu) are of your store administration. Then instead of using the code mentioned above for the Add to Cart label, to chagne the font color, use the following.

<img src="home/thenameofthefileyouploaded.extension" title="Add to Shopping Cart" alt="Add to Shopping Cart">

You can see an example of using an image at Shop Abunda Trade

I know this was a quick. I do believe that something (like an image or a different color) that indicates a Call to Action for your visitors is a helpful feature to implement.

I am trying my best to transfer what little knowledge I have to help you market your site. I hope some of you can take advantge of it. I'll try and keep passing along this information when I have something useful.

Lift Off!

We have Lift Off! Finally after nearly five months we are getting everything to where I had envisioned. Now we can concentrate on moving forward!

Please don't forget about our current promotion and Thank You!

The Race to 2014 Promotion
The Race Bonus


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