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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jaymes Sorbel ChrisLands Co-Founder and his Mom.


I wanted to take a few minutes and provide details on some new features we have added.

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Category Listing Options

Ok. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible! If you see any spelling or grammar errors, please forgive me. Here it goes....

New and Featured

We have just added two new options for your Category Listings pages. You now can display New Items and/or Featured Items from the Category displaying on the Category Listings pages. The New and Featured items being displayed are from that Category not from the entire inventory.

The New Items are automatically selected from the newest items listed in the category. The Featured Items have to be selected by you in the Inventory area of your store's administration.

To enable Featured Items for your Category listings, as the Store Administrator at your store do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Advanced Features (top menu) -> Featured Items (left menu)

The Featured Items on Category Pages configuration is located at the bottom of this form. Fill out the configuration questions and click save. If you have not used Featured Items before, please read the entire form. You might want to make sure some Featured Items are selected for certain categories, at least for categories you have some interesting listings. If the system does not find any Featured Items for that category then nothing is displayed.

To enable New Items for your Category listings, as the Store Administrator at your store do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Advanced Features (top menu) -> New Items (left meny)

The New Items on Category Pages configuration is located at the bottom of this form. Fill out the configuration questions and click save. If you have not used New Items before, please read the entire form.

Related Items

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that just last week we added the ability for you to list Related Items on the bottom of Product Detail pages. This is a great way to highlight related items of products that your customers are actually looking at!

To enable Related Items, as the Store Administrator at your store do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Inventory (top menu) -> Related Items (left meny)

Fill out the configuration questions and click save.

We are working hard to add features that might help you increase your sales. We hope that many of you try these features and we do hope that it helps your sales. Coming soon: Recently viewed items displaying on the shopping cart page.

Stock Images and Data

We are actively integrating stock data and images we have contracted from a data provider for you to display with your inventory items! We are very excited about this development. We have tried for many, many years to get this type of data and it is finally happening!

We see several potential benefits of using this stock data.

  • Potential Sales: We have heard that a customer who sees an item with an associated image is 40% more likely to purchase that item.
  • More Search Results: Since there will be more data to search at your store, when your customers search your store there could potentially be more as well as more relevant results.
  • Search Engine Placement: If you show more data on your pages, there are more "words" for search engines to index increasing the possibility that your store and your store's pages will be found in future searches on search engines.
  • List Items Quicker: You can get new items listed faster and display a more complete listing immediately. Then take your time adding your own details pertinent for items you enter.

We will have data for nearly 12 million listings with 90 to 95% of them having images. This data is linked to your listings by ISBNs. To use this feature you will have to also use ISBNs.

Unfortunately, there will be a fee for this feature as there are additional costs to ChrisLands. We have tried hard to keep the fee as low as possible as we are only trying to break even. We do know that our fee is many, many times less than if you acquired this data on your own.

Mark Your Calendars! We are pushing hard to get this out by December 2, 2013. It certainly will be done within the first week of December.

ChrisLands Search: We have not forgotten about improving the ChrisLands' Search Site. This is being worked on now. I don't have a launch date yet but we are hoping that sometime in December this will come out.

TheRace Promotion

We are working hard to improve ChrisLands' product and services. Here is the most recent improvements.

  • Upgraded Hardware increasing performance
  • Increased Storage Allowance for Stores (lowering costs for you)
  • Upgraded Email Server with more features.
  • Related Items on Product Pages
  • New and Featured Items on Category Pages
  • Coming Soon: Stock Data and Images
  • Coming Soon: Recently Viewed on the Shopping Cart page
  • Coming Soon: Improved ChrisLands' Search Site

Now I'm asking for your help getting out the word about

The Race to 2014 Promotion is still going on! Earn some credit towards your monthly service fees and possibly an additional bonus if we reach some of our goals! Check it out again at:

The Race to 2014 Promotion

The Race Bonus

Someone you know may have been waiting for these new features, especially the stock data and images. They may be forever grateful for your help in finding! It is possible and you will never know unless you tell someone.

Besides, I really could use your help and thank you so much for anything you can do!

Hurry, TheRace Promotion ends December 31, 2013

Call To Action (revisited)

I do believe that having a website especially a store site, takes work and the more you put into it the better the returns. Your site is or should be constantly evolving. I also believe the saying that "Without Advertising Nothing Happens". Everything you do for your site, including updating the content, is a form of advertising. Along those lines, I've added articles to newsletters that might help you improve your store.

Here are three newsletters with articles of this nature.

I truly hope that taking the time to write these articles help! I also hope many of you are trying my suggestions. I do think they are worth trying. This time I want to revisit the Call to Action.

A Call to Action is an image or line of text that prompts your customers to take action. It is a call to take an action.

In this article I want to explain how to use an "Add to Cart" button on appropriate pages at your store. The next two images display an example of using buttons. Notice they stand out from the rest of the page. Usually the button is a distinct color that stands out from your sites overall coloring.

  • Category Listing with Call to Action

    Notice the distinct Call to Action, "Add to Cart" buttons on the category listing page.

  • Product Detail with Call to Action

    These same buttons are on the product detail pages.

You can do the same thing using any button (image) that you want. You can find many examples online. Make sure they are not copyrighted and they are royalty free so you don't get in trouble in the future. I have four images at the end of this article that are royalty free and you are welcome to use. I'm going to go through the steps to upload the image and add the correct code to display the image in these locations.

First, find yourself a Call to Action image. Save it to your local computer and remember where you saved it for later. I would recommend that the image is no more than 130 pixels in width. Then as the store administrator login to your store's Administration.

  • Add Web Pages

    Once in your store's administration, click Add Web Pages along the top menu. Here is where you can add various file types including images

  • Browse for File

    Once in the Add Web Pages area of your store's administration, scroll down until you see the form depicted in this image. Click the "Choose File" button. A dialog box will open that allows you to find your button image. You do remember where it is right? After you select that image file, click Upload File. The file will be uploaded in all lowercase. Remember this.

  • Advanced Features

    Once you have the image uploaded, click Advanced Features along the top menu.

  • Layout Options

    Then click Layout Options along the left menu in the Advanced Features area of the store administration.

  • Page Options

    Then click Search and Browse Page Options a link on the page.

  • Page Layout Options

    Finally click Edit Layout of Browse/Search Result Pages. We are there!

  • Add to Cart

    Scroll down until you find the Add To Cart Label header.

In the form entry for Label for "Add To Cart" Link depicted in the image above, enter the following:

<img src="home/yourbuttonimagename.ext" title="Add to Cart">

Change the file name in bold above to the name of the button image you uploaded. Remember when you uploaded the file, the name was made all lowercase. Only change the file name, do not change any other parts of this HTML tag.

Cick Save at the bottom of the form.

Here are some buttons you may use that are royalty free. To save them to your computer, right click on the image and select "Save Image As". Save it to your computer. Remember where you save it. Below each image is the correct HTML tag to put in the form as long as you upload it according to the directions above and save it with the current name.

Add to Cart Blue Button
<img src="home/addtocartb.png" title="Add to Cart">

Add to Cart Green Button
<img src="home/addtocartg.png" title="Add to Cart">

Add to Cart Red Button
<img src="home/addtocartr.png" title="Add to Cart">

Add to Cart Yellow Button
<img src="home/addtocarty.png" title="Add to Cart">

We hope this helps your sales!!!

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The End

Once again, a very long newsletter. I'm sorry.

I'm going into a heavy code writing period. Over the next two weeks, I'm basically hibernating to write code. Only coming up for air once in a while. So if you truly need something, please use the ticket system. If you email [email protected] I might not answer it very quickly.

If you don't hear from me again before Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving!


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