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ChrisLands is known and respected for hosting independent bookstores for independent booksellers since 2001. However, our system supports virtually ANY PRODUCT TYPE! Our service works great for Books, Antiques, Art, Crafts, Hobby Items, Paintings, Toys, and much more....

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The ChrisLands team has over 25 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable website hosting. Your account is placed on best of breed server hardware, hosted in a high quality network center. The same network center we've relied on for over 16 years.


We provide all that is necessary to have an online store including domain hosting, email hosting, file transfer to upload inventory, web based administration, secure checkout, shopping cart, and more. All you need is your domain name, your inventory and how you want to accept payments.


ChrisLands still hosts several our original clients who signed up in 2001. They have been with us non-stop for over 16 years. Even with our growing pains, they remain. This is true indiciation of how hard we work to satisfy all store owners!


At ChrisLands Inc we're confident that you will be extremely happy with your web hosting service, however if you are ever dissatisfied and you feel the need for our involvement, we will always make the time to personally assist you.

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Since the beginning, we have prided ourselves in outstanding support. You will get a response from us and usually we can answer whatever you are asking! Just as mentioned above, we are here!

  • Full Store Solution

    We provide all that is necessary to have an online store. Domain hosting, email hosting, file transfer and much more.

  • Market Products

    Market your products by creating coupons, sales by category, featured items and more.

  • Payment Processing

    ChrisLands does not have a service where we process payments for you and then transfer those funds to your account. We have never believed in getting between the store owner and their money.

  • Tireless Support

    We're lucky enough to be doing what we honestly love. We are not selling you a website, we are forming a friendship. Chrislands is here for you!

  • Simple to Manage

    Managing your online store is simple through our secure web based administration. All you do is login, click the Administration link, and the rest is all menu driven.

  • Enterprise Security

    We use multiple layers of security including enterprise level spam and firewall appliances, 256 bit secure certificates for secure servers, encryption for all sensitive data, and server level firewall protection. The enterprise appliances are updated constantly from the vendor.

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